1. What is an Ticket Vending Solution (TVS)?

Ticket Vending Solution or TVS is the means of issuing ticket electronically using a central server and a handheld Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction terminal at the outlet.

The VISIONTEK TVS 18A is an innovative solution designed to facilitate to issuing an electronic tickets, Customized tickets based on events like movie, amusement park, sports event and many entertainment venues through a chain of POS terminals deployed.

TVS 18A is a real-time software solution that provides retailers' with an ability to issue a ticket by specified amount, anytime, anywhere.


2. What services does VISIONTEK TVS 18A support

TVS supports all types of services a ticket, value of which can be issued electronically:

  • Bus Ticketing
  • Train Ticketing
  • Ferry Ticketing
  • Movie ticketing
  • Sport event ticking and so on…


3. What browsers does VISIONTEK TVS 18A support?

VISIONTEK TVS 18A is tested successfully on:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


4. Does TVS 18A maintain event Log?

Yes. Event log for all web users will be maintained at the centralized TVS server.


5. Is it possible to see daily sale information?

Yes. TVS 18A comes with a comprehensive reports suite that provides the administrator with a complete picture of:

  • Daily Sales
  • Retailer-wise Sales
  • Denomination-wise Sales, and more…


6. Can a retailer access daily/weekly management data in computer format?

Yes. Using the VISIONTEK POS, a retailer can generate daily/weekly sales report from the server.


7. What is a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal?

A Point-of-Sale (POS) is typically the location where a transaction occurs. A POS terminal is a handheld or portable device that is used to complete the sales transaction. The POS terminal may be connected to a central server where the transaction and the customer account are updated. On the successful completion of a transaction, a POS may generate a ticket having the transaction details.

VISIONTEK POS, a smart transaction terminal, quickly completes transactions with rapid speed. It supports a wide range of applications including Ticket Vending Solution (TVS) system. It also supports contactless card based applications / NFC phone application. The POS is compact and truly portable with built-in battery and clamshell printer mechanism enables hassle free paper loading and printing. It offers total security and convenience while operating with mobility in buses, Ferries and trains.


8. What kind of operations does the terminal support?

The VISIONTEK POS terminal supports:

  • Online Transactions
  • Offline Transactions
  • Contactless payments (RFID cards and NFC phones)
  • Generating various reports


9. Can a retailer sell a service anywhere using the POS terminal?

Yes. However, a GSM-GPRS, Wi-Fi, LAN or VPN network should be available in that region and the retailer is in a geographical area where the ticket is valid.


10. Does the POS terminal generate receipt for the payment?

Yes. The VISIONTEK POS terminal generates a receipt using its built-in clamshell printer for every successful transaction. This receipt contains the unique transaction ID, ticket amount, and transaction details. The receipt format is customizable by the service provider.


11. What communication modes are supported?

VISIONTEK TVS 18A can communicate with the VISIONTEK POS terminal using the following networks:

  • GSM-GPRS Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)


12. What are the advantages of Electronic tickets over Traditional pre-printed tickets?

  • Complete online and/or Offline ticket sales
  • Save time and maintain control of the entire ticketing process
  • Faster and easier reconciliation
  • Low cost per transaction and Increase ticket sales
  • Card management feature
  • Introduce new price ticket denominations anytime
  • Eliminate loss and theft of pre-printed tickets
  • Centralized control


13. What are the projected business benefits to operators, distributors, retailers and end-users?

  • Reduce ticket printing, distribution and storing
  • Increased revenues from distributors and retailer.
  • Guaranteed stock
  • Centralized distribution and Accounting control
  • Minimize fraud and theft
  • Low capital investment
  • Minimize the transaction cost
  • Accept prepaid contactless card (RFID / NFC) which can deduct the amount for every transaction
  • Can introduce more denominations