Ferry Ticketing Application

VISIONTEK Ticket Vending Solution - 18A is an innovative Web-based solution that offers simplified options to cut down the inventory management of pre-printed traditional ticket sales and save the passenger time & hassles. It helps the Management plug revenue leakages

Prepaid Airtime Vouchers

The VISIONTEK TVS software solution is designed and developed to overcome the problems associated with ferry management to handle huge crowd at a time and prevent unauthorized entry, selling of physical pre-printed tickets, reducing printing cost and stocking the pre-printed tickets as also under reporting of the tickets issued.

The system is made so simple and secure to vend tickets for huge crowd,vehicles and authenticate each entry through turnstile mode of ticket validation. These ticketing machines synchronize wirelessly with the server and allow fleet operators or managing agencies to view all transactions over the web. This information also helps them optimize operational expenses through better route planning.

How it Works

prepaid airtime vouchers application

Ticket Vending Solutions

Key Features

  • Simple to Use
  • Convenient method to Consumers & Ferry Fleet Management
  • Highest Security Standards
  • Secure and Scalable Solution
  • Extensible to Multiple Service providers

Fleet Management Benefits

  • Improves quality of Service
  • Reduced fraud
  • Multiple operators over a single platform
  • Easy Ferry Management, Route Management & Fare Management
  • Improved Security Standards for every transaction
  • Less man power
  • Financial monitoring of entire sales applicable within solution

End User Benefits

  • Improved Quality of Serivce
  • No more hassle of carrying change by means of cards
  • Better User Satisfaction with latest technology
  • Card used as E-Wallet