Loyalty & Proprietory Application

VISIONTEK Ticket Vending Solution - 18A is an innovative Web-based solution that offers simplified options to allow the usage of loyalty and proprietory cards. It also brings in the flexibility of converging multiple comapnies over a single platform which helps the Management plug revenue leakages

Prepaid Airtime Vouchers

The VISIONTEK TVS software solution is designed and developed to overcome the problems associated with carrying multiple loyalty cards to redeem at respective places

The alloted reward points can be claimed at multiple locations of the terminals

Ticket Vending Solutions

Key Features

  • Secure and scalable solution
  • Simple to use with short learning curve
  • Enhance end-user card experience
  • Customizable voucher printing format

Operator / Management Benefits

  • Low cost per transaction
  • Reduced card maintenance and associated costs
  • Comprehensive suite of reports
  • Variable offers at any time
  • Proper accountability of reward points

End User Benefits

  • Unique and easy card maitanance
  • Variable value even the smallest
  • Reward Points redeemed at any terminal point
  • No hassle of carrying multiple cards
  • Enhanced user experience