Ticket Vending Solution-18A

Administration Interface Management

Administrator Levels
Local Login Root, Administrator
Web Login Administrator, Distributor, Finance team, Customer care team, POS user
(conductors) and Transport Company
Security Complete website is on HTTPS and user has to log-in with their User ID and Password
Distributor Management Creation / Modification of Distributor details with individual logo and commission
Privileges to individual distributor Activate / Deactivate assigned denominations
Retailer Management Add /Edit Retailer details with category and terminal configuration and updating of
credit, commission, customizable banner etc.
Denominations Denomination details are classified into Ticket values for each stage, Specific
Commission for each denomination
Additional Functions Remote updating of terminal software
Adding lost card/damaged Contactless Card in black list
Selective privileges to Distributors, Finance team, Customer care team and POS user/Conductor
Contactless Card MIFARE 1KB, MIFARE Ultralight, etc
ISO 14443 A/B microprocessor cards
DESFIRE EV1 1K / 4K- Multi application cards
POS Terminal Management Assign a maximum transactions to lock the POS terminal if no settlement
Assign a maximum amount to lock the POS terminal if no settlement
Assign a maximum number of days to lock the POS terminal if no settlement
Configuration of POS Remote configuration of terminal software
Web reports Web-based software that can be accessed at any time with a username and
password for reports and MIS purpose
GSM Communication The POS terminal has multiple SIM card slots where we can insert two different
SIMCARDS in case of LIVE GPRS SIMCARD is down the application will automatically
establish the GPRS connection with alternate /Standby SIMCARD
Server to POS Terminal Connectivity 2 Mbps line with Static Public IP for connecting over GSM / GPRS
We pursue a policy of continuous research and product development. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice