Ticket Vending Solution-18A


VISIONTEK Ticket Vending Solution - 18A is an innovative Web-based solution that offers simplified options to cut down the inventory management of pre-printed traditional ticket sales and save the passenger time & hassles. It helps the Management plug revenue leakages

Public transport in developing economies plays a critical role. An efficient and cost effective system increases productivity and connectivity. In the twenty-first century, time is more precious than ever, and people demand products and services they can pay for quickly and efficiently. Cash or contactless operated vending machines are popular in developed countries. However, a different solution is required for developing countries and Visiontek ready with very economic solution with rich features. In recent years, services made available to passengers and commuters have undergone significant changes in developed countries. Ticket vending machines can now be integrated with a central system. They can be used for making payments in cash and cards.

The Visiontek TVS software solution is designed and developed to overcome the problems associated with selling of physical pre-printed tickets, reducing printing cost and storing the pre-printed tickets as also under reporting of the tickets issued.

Product Overview

The system is made so simple that it can be used easily even in crowded buses. These ticketing machines synchronize wirelessly with the server and allow fleet operators or managing agencies to view all transactions over the web. This information also helps them optimize operational expenses through better route planning.

Be it a Corporate providing subsidized travel facility for employees, fleet operators or municipal corporation running bus/ferry/train services, the key problem for all of them with paper based ticketing is cost of administration and pilferage. All of them spend a lot of human resources to issue and reconcile paper tickets.

The main advantage of the Visiontek Ticket Vending solution is its great flexibility

The Visiontek Ticket Vending solution comprises of two main elements:
1. The Visiontek GL14 handheld Terminal
2. The back end TVS Server

The GL14 POS terminal with TVS application is a new generation portable ticket vending Terminal. It is light weight, has a built in battery, Printer and a wireless communication module. A contact less/NFC card reader is available as an option. The tariff and route data can be initially programmed and can be modified and downloaded remotely. This reduces the workload involved in the initial integration of tariff and transaction data. Any later upgrades such as adding new services, card schemes or third party services are simplified.

The back end TVS platform contains information about the Terminal, the route it plies on as well as the conductor assigned. The other functions include revenue tracking per Terminal, route and generation of a variety of statistics, reports for data mining and audit purposes.

This approach allows a high reusability of software applications across different ticketing systems and thus provides a high protection of your investment.

Thus the Visiontek Ticket Vending Solution is an innovative and versatile answer to end to end efficient fleet revenue management.


Product Features
  • An universal full-featured ticketing solution
  • Facilities for Passenger Ticketing
  • Online ticket data transfer
  • Ticket Sales Using Handheld Ticketing POS terminals
  • Keep track of each and every ticket sold in the system
  • Issue and accept contactless smart passes
  • Recharge monthly passes (contactless cards)
  • Contactless card (DESFIRE EV1) including Printing and personalization
  • Accept the contactless card (RFID/NFC) and NFC phones to allow the transaction
  • Card management
  • Cardholder lifecycle management
  • Card deactivation feature through customer care web portal
  • Allow online and offline transactions (deduct the amount from Prepaid card)
  • Transaction processing and web based reporting system
  • Communication options - GPRS / LAN / Wi-Fi
  • Configurable receipt
  • Logo printing in receipt
  • Future-proof: ready to future extensions and upgrades
  • Fully secured transactions with SAM features